शुक्रवार, 26 अगस्त 2016

Hinduism 🚩

I am proud to be a Hindu because our religion teaches us to respect other religion.
As per Hinduism, all religions are Equal as all of them lead you to the same destination. and God is one with having different names. Hinduism teaches us to keep kindness in Heart for everyone and Don't humiliate to others. Hindu are very friendly with other religion followers they Do not make any human pressure to follow their religion. According to Hinduism, we can't get Havana if we hurt to other or doing wrong things. Or we can't get peace if we do something wrong which is not good for another human. Hinduism never enforces to other religious people to read and follow Hindus Holly books or mantra.
Hinduism is a great religion because of Hinduism, lets you do whatever you want, you can follow ideas from any other religion. In Hinduism, you are not restricted from doing anything. You may worship an idol or you may not, it totally depends on what helps you get inner peace. Hinduism does not enforce anything on you, according to our religion you may do as you want to do in good faith. I really feel proud of that, I have been brought up in such a good idealistic religion.

“Although I proud to be a Hindu but I never ever put my realign over my Nation.
Before being a Hindu I am an Indian. My religion is my belief but my Nation is my identity. And I eternally pay my fundamental duty toward my Nation.”

“I proud to be an Indian”

सोमवार, 4 जुलाई 2016


Pachmarhi..!! A Hill Station Of Madhya 

Pradesh, INDIA

Hello visitors
Today I m going to tell you about panchmarhi trip . 

well, I have been to panchmarhi twice , it was very great and lovely experience for me. it is a totally worthwhile place for refreshing your mind.

This is one of those days When I studied MBA last year in 2015 that time I was looking forward to my career and my life goal, but in between I was tired of my daily routine and bit fed up with my college life. Then I was decided to visit some new places. Then I decided to share my wish with my friends and I told them to choose any good place to visit. After 2, to 3, days we finally decided to go Panchmarhi… wow.., Panchmarhi, it’s was really sound like a fun :) and I was really very much excited to go there. Then we were waiting for the coming holidays, eventually, the day finally had come. we all were ready with our bags. 

Pachmarhi is 47 km from Pipariya. Pipariya is on Itarasi- Jabalpur rail line, 2 hours from Jabalpur and approximately 4 hours from Bhopal (M.P). Panchmarhi can also be reached directly by bus from Bhopal, Which is 210 km away by road, stars or Jabalpur. This town is not very large, and most of its area are under the administration of the Pachmarhi Cantonment Board, serving the Indian Army. There are lots of hotels mostly situated in the market. Tourists visit Pachmarhi throughout the year. 

Well, we decided to go by train. After reaching Pipariya railway station , we hired a taxi to reach Pachmarhi . Taxis and bus are also available on this route from Pipariya, so we had hired a taxi for reaching there. 


Afer 1 and half hour finally we reached there. That time it was raining there…because rainy season was going on. it is so beautiful and wonderful feeling when you see rain and fog around you. I felt like I am in heaven. After some time we were looking for our hotel, which is already booked by us before we came.. finally, we got our hotel and reached there in morning 7’ O’clock.. the hotel name is UTKARSH. It was looking nice and much better than others hotel. After completing our paper formality, we got our rooms key and we all took a power nape for a while. Then we got fresh and dressed up properly. we all very excited to explore panchmarhi, that time still raining was going on. And we all were feeling like as we are all in a blanket of greenery. Then we had to hire a Jeepsie for exploring the Panchmarhi. We all were set in one jeeps. We all were having fun and looking out from the jeep and enjoying the weather of panchmarhi. Realy it’s a deferent fun of go to panchmarhi in the rainy season. We were visited almost all place of panchmarhi.


Well, panchmarhi has so many quality spot to visit.Some of the places of tourist interest here are:
Dhupgarh (Dhoopgarh is the highest point in the Satpura Range and in Madhya Pradesh, India. Located in Pachmarhi.)
11800329_937945906268154_8199872262998377932_n (1)
                                                             Gupt Mahadev
 Green valley

sunset point

                                                                  star fruit
                                                           Having star fruit
  Protecting myself from rain while exploring Pachmarhi.
Rajat Prapat (large waterfall)
Bee Fall  (This is the highest waterfall in Pachmarhi. It is named as such because from a distance the waterf all sounds like a beehive)
Bada Mahadev
Gupt Mahadev
Chauragarh (Shiv devotees come here in huge numbers during Mahashivratri)
Handi Khoh (deep valley)
Apsara Falls (fairy pool)
Jatashankar (stalagmite-filled cave in a deep ravine)
Duchess Fall
Pachmarhi Hill (whole view of Pachmarhi City)
PanarPani (Panarpani has a natural fresh water lake with the forest around.)
Rajendra Giri (beautiful gardens with natural scenery)
Oh yes… I have forgotten one more very special thing is that, Satpura National Park is also located in the Panchmarhi, Madhya Pradesh in India. Its name is derived from the Satpura range. Satpura National Park in the Satpura Range of Hoshangabad district in Madhya Pradesh is open for visitors from 16th October to 30th June. During this time wildlife’s can enjoy the safari rides and boating in Satpura National Park. It is closed for the visitor from 01st July till 15th October. Satpura National Park is the right solution for real wildlife lovers. We all almost enjoyed and made fun there. We enjoyed tasty food & snacks there. like
samosa and piping hot tea with green chili in snacks
We had aloo paratha with Dahi and mali kofta in launch and 
had complete sattvic food in dinner.
We all had spent 2 days there and return bake to our home.
Panchmarhi is very good, beautiful, calm and worth visiting place. U can also say that it is very low bought tourist place. Everyone should go there once in life. 


Best Of Agra.

Hello visitors,
I told you earlier that I am fond of travelling. so, toady, I am going to share my travelling experience with you all.
Well, I am going to start from “An Awesome experience of A Visit to The Taj Mahal along with my friend.Those days I had visited Gwalior to attend One Day workshop on, “Intellectual Property Right,” organised by ITM University, Gwalior, on 14th Nov 2014. it was a great experience for me.
                                               At ITM University, Gwalior, India
After attending a workshop I and my friend paid a visit to Gwalior Fort when I saw Gwalior fort it was so big and very beautiful I felt very surprised to see a very big and a beautiful historical monument. It is located in Madhya Pradesh India. The Gwalior fort spreads out over an area of 3 square km, surrounded by concrete walls of sandstone. There are so many places to visit in Gwalior, like Gwalior Fort, Jai Vilas Palace Museum, Sas Bahu Temple, Gurdwara Data Bandi Chor Sahib, Gujari Mahal Archaeological Museum, Madhav national park, tiger dam, and so on.
                                                            Gwalior Fort ❤
    A day view of Gwalior ❤

10392458_802871793108900_1668715759782998369_nNight View of Gwalior Fort ❤
and next day we planned to visit taj mahal. so we hired a taxi from Gwalior to Agra, Agra is 119.5 km from Gwalior we spent 3 hours and after crossing 3 states finally we reached Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. then we went to Taj mahal.
pizap.com14161337286151                                        At the time of journey to Taj mahal ❤
when I show the taj mahal firs time, I was mesmerised by the beauty of taj mahal, it was a superb experience for me, no one can make this type of architecture again. it is is an experience and not just a building.Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world, and some Western historians have suggested that the beauty of this architecture is something that no other work to overcome.
The Taj Mahal is one of the most impressive Moghul architecture that can be seen in the world today. this is one of the most recognisable structures in the world, it was built by the Mughal emperor shah Jahan in memory of his third wife, Mumtaz.
                                                               The Taj Mahal ❤
                                                                  The Taj Mahal ❤


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